Appeal Process

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If the Applicant decides to appeal FEMA’s eligibility decision, they must go through the appeals process.

  • First Appeal
  • The applicant must submit a written appeal to the Recipient within 60 days of receiving the eligibility determination
  • The Recipient creates a recommendation based upon the appeal and provides FEMA with both within 60 days of receiving the appeal
  • Within 90 days of receiving the appeal, the FEMA Regional Administrator either makes a determination or requests additional information from the Applicant
  • Second Appeal
  • If the Applicant disagrees with FEMA’s first appeal determination, they have 60 days from the notification of the First Appeal determination to appeal the decision
  • The Applicant has 60 days from the notification of the First Appeal determination to appeal again
  • Within 90 days of the second appeal, the Assistant Administrator of the Recovery Directorate at FEMA Headquarters will either make a determination or request additional information

The process for FEMA to reconsider a determination or decision follows a sequence of steps. Including:

  • Determination Memo: FEMA's official notification of a decision to an Applicant
  • Submittal of first level appeal: Applicant's request that FEMA reconsider a determination
  • Final Request for Information and first appeal decision: FEMA can place a final Request for Information in order to assist their decision. FEMA Regional Office then makes their first appeal determination
  • Second level appeal: If the Applicant receives an unfavorable first appeal determination they may appeal that determination
  • Final decision from FEMA: FEMA Headquarters provides a final decision to the Applicant's second level appeal


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