Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA)

The Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA) is a joint venture  of FEMA, the  State, and  applicants to document the  impact  and  magnitude of the disaster  on individuals,  families, businesses,  and  public  property and  to gather information for disaster  management purposes. The Governor will use the information gathered during the PDA process to determine whether Federal  assistance should  be requested and forms the basis for the disaster declaration.

The  PDA is conducted once  the  State determines that  the  recovery effort may be beyond  State and local capabilities.  State officials will ask the appropriate FEMA Regional Office to conduct a joint PDA with State and local officials in those areas defined by the State. All the damages or expenses must be assigned to the county or independent city in which they occurred, even those that belong  to State agencies.  After the PDA teams have documented the damage, the Governor will determine whether to request Federal disaster assistance. The Governor may limit the request for assistance or may seek the full range  of assistance authorized under the type of declaration being requested. The Governor’s request is addressed to the President but submitted through the appropriate FEMA Regional  Administrator.