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Principal's Background

The Principal of FEMA360 is a highly qualified and credentialed subject matter expert in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Public Assistance (PA) program. He brings a substantial amount of experience in providing policy and programmatic guidance to FEMA and State Grantee sub-recipients.  He has worked on disasters across the country including 9/11 WTC event, major hurricanes Katrina; Ike; Super Storm Sandy; Harvey; Mathew and Michael, numerous wind and flooding disasters, and the Virginia earthquake.

His disaster experience includes over 42 disaster deployments in 11 states during 18 years of FEMA PA experience, including assignments as Technical Services Task Force Leader, PA Policy Advisor, Public Assistance Coordinator (PAC), Insurance Group Lead, and Insurance Specialist as well as Project Specialist.

Before his disaster recovery career, he was President and CEO of a national insurance and risk management advisory firm focused on local and state governments. Clients include major governmental risk sharing pools, including California JPA risk pools.  Key projects included business process re-engineering of two State insurance programs that converted into public and private insurance companies.


He was one of the architects of the World Trade Center debris removal insurance program following 9/11, helped New York City secure over $5 Billion in insurance waivers following Superstorm Sandy, served as an advisor on the FEMA HQ Task Force that developed the current FEMA PA Insurance Policy FP 206-086-1.

He has played a key role in providing PA policy and programmatic advisory services on various issues such as but not limited to: FEMA 50% Rule; PA Alternative Procedures (428); Section 324 Management Costs; NFIP mandatory flood reductions; COOP temporary facilities; procurement requirements; private property debris removal; emergency response cost eligibilities, and duplication of benefits.

He has a strong track record of launching and rapidly scaling up new PA client programs and operations and helping clients solve complex policy and operational issues in the disaster resilience, response, and recovery space. His experience includes project management, disaster response and recovery, and business process re-engineering with enabling technology. He has a wealth of experience in helping clients to structure and manage their federal disaster assistance programs, enabling them to maximize grant opportunities. His strategic plans have been supported by applications he developed using QuickBase and SharePoint to document, track, and manage various internal and external projects.